If you want to have the best quality drinking water – you should consider using an alkaline water filter as part of your water treatment system at home or in your place of work. Research has shown that alkaline water is the one of the best drinking water, and can even be better quality than expensive bottled water.

So what does an alkaline water filter do exactly? This type of water filter, sometimes referred to as an ionized water filter, basically produces a chemical change in the water. In simple terms, the filter separates the water into two types: alkaline water and acidic water.

Height of Dispensing area

Dispensing area HEIGHT can be a consideration factor for some customers. While smaller dispensing height is good for hands free mugs and cups, some customers prefer taller dispensing area for ease of filling up taller water bottles without tilting.

The following are measurements from tip of spigot to the top of the dish tray:

Drilling requirement for P5250 - 25mm
Drilling requirement for twist locks - 12mm

Can user change from using P5250 Maintenance Free Under Counter Water Filter to Twist Locks in future?

Simply replace current faucet with a 3-way faucet like this to cater to hot and cold water (unfiltered) and  filtered water. Yes you can have them all in 1 faucet. A 3 way faucet like that costs $150 onward.

Sumatra hotspots identified as El Niño brings higher risk of fires

The start of the south-west monsoon season brings with it new bulletins about health advice and haze forecasts as the likelihood of smoke-filled skies increases.

It is predicted that the weather phenomenon known as El Niño will probably cause the dry season to be worse than last year, resulting in a greater risk of fire and haze in the area. In order to help combat this, the NEA (National Environment Agency) will publish up-to-date information on its Facebook and Twitter pages as well as on www.haze.gov.sg.

Residents in Punggol were shocked yesterday afternoon when brown-coloured water began flowing from their taps. Around fifty blocks in the area were affected. In spite of the reaction from residents, PUB (the national water agency) declared that although the water was discoloured, it was still safe to drink.

water purificationIn Singapore, many families have been boiling water before drinking. It is a practice passed down since my grandmother's time. In the old days, sanitation and public hygiene is not as good. Not all had access to safe and clean water.

NSF & Houshold Water Filtration
Two NSF standards cover filtration systems: NSF/ANSI 42 addresses aesthetic claims and NSF/ANSI 53 addresses health claims.

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Haze this June is expected to be worse than last year's record high. The forecast for worse hazy days this June 2014 has resulted in many Singaporeans not just reaching for their masks but also looking to purchase an efficient and effective air purifier.

6tipsforbuyingairpurifiersBuying an air purifier is a smart move to improve the indoor air quality where you live. In contrast to what many people think, the quality of indoor air at home and not the air outside, may be a contributing factor to various health conditions like asthma, hay fever, allergies, etc. Many of these can be eradicated by simply using a good quality air purifier in your home. So how do you choose a good quality air purifier? Here are six important factors to keep in mind when buying air purifiers.