While this is not recommended, since the water is premium, we do not want people to accidentally touch the lever and thus dispense water when not needed. There is also the concern about safety at hot water.

However, if you do not have kids in the environment and find pressing the button + pushing the lever a chore, feel free to do the mod, but if you have water in your machine already, I suggest you do this when the bottle is empty. When this bottle is empty, you will still have water in the machine as there is hot and cold water tank inside the machine (which is not visible unless you open the machine).

Depending on the types of dispensers, some dispensers do require piped-out drainage. Office type of water dispensers that have plastic exterior usually do not require water drainage points.

Office type of dispensers that do NOT require piped-out drainage:

Stainless Steel type of Water Coolers that REQUIRE piped-out drainage:

The Technology

The Benefits in short:

Non-toxic. Hygiene Labs™ uses Lysis technology which is a physical action to kill.

  • Does not use poisons.
  • Completely transparent and safe for all surfaces.
  • Once cured it will not wash off.
  • Stays active and protects for extended periods of time.
  • PROVEN EFFICACY: Technology has been tested in independent laboratories globally. It has achieved a “LOG 4” (99.99%) kill rate.
  • NO REDUCTION: Efficacy will not diminish over time. Most tests confirm <1% reduction in efficacy.

Pros and cons of renting / leasing water dispenser at HappyPenguin (vs outright purchase)

Pros of rental (yes, the good):

    Rest assure that even though you are renting, water dispenser is brand new. (min 2 years contract)

So, you are thinking of getting or have bought a floor standing water dispenser and is not too excited when it comes to having to bend a little to get water at the spigots. It is a common issue with the water dispensers. I do not understand why dispensers are made short like, universally for floor standings. Even the tallest does not seem tall enough. These days, our backs are stiff and we are tall, right?