What are water coolers? Water coolers = Water dispensers! However, in Singapore, we typically refer water coolers to water dispensers that are stainless steel type in exterior that usually has only chilled water function (so no hot water). You get the idea. It’s the type of water dispensers we use since our primary school days to secondary to tertiary, in our canteens, along corridors, at study areas, in factories and work sites.

Some customers want to know if tall water bottles could be filled up directly from faucet at water dispenser.

Here is the measurement

Classic Counter

Measurement from faucet tip to bottom
w tray: 17cm
w/o tray: 23cm


Simply replace current faucet with a 3-way faucet like this to cater to hot and cold water (unfiltered) and  filtered water. Yes you can have them all in 1 faucet. A 3 way faucet like that costs $150 onward.

Residents in Punggol were shocked yesterday afternoon when brown-coloured water began flowing from their taps. Around fifty blocks in the area were affected. In spite of the reaction from residents, PUB (the national water agency) declared that although the water was discoloured, it was still safe to drink.