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NATURAL Mt Fuji Spring water from Japan
*Enjoy 2 Free bottles now
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Let children be children. Disinfect Home Regularly.

HygieneLabs Surface Disinfectant Spray
* Active up to 28 Days
* Kills 99.99% of Germs
* Lab tested to kill Coronaviruses
* Hospital Grade
* Safe on People, Plants, Pets & Environment
* Product of Australia

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Under counter drinking water
chiller & heater with filters
Hot, Chilled, or Ambient
No more clutter
Build Your Dream Kitchen

Hot, Cold &

Filtration System

UV Sterilization

Touch Panel

Safety Lock

Leak Prevention

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HP04 Hot, Cold & Ambient UV Water Dispenser

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HP01 Hot & Ambient UV Water Dispenser

13cm width only!

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Water Boiler Dispenser | Hyundai Wacortec
Great for office, restaurants, cafes & self-service stations
*Soft touch buttons
*Big capacity 10L tank
*Eco mode (light sensor)
*Filter change reminder
*Premium 3-steps filtration
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Aromatic Vitamin C shower filter / KDF Shower filter
Want Better Hair & Skin?
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Stainless Steel Water Coolers
Bigger Capacity to cater to more people
More rugged (suitable for schools, canteens, factories, gyms, etc)
FREE installation
FREE filtration set
Promo price from $788 >
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Water Dispenser RENTAL available now
Do what you do best & leave the rest to us!
All-in packages - find out now
2-stage Easy-change Drinking Water Filtration
Certified for reduction of chlorine taste and odor, cysts, atrazine, lindane and lead
*no boiling water required
*great tasting water
*great for food preparation
*no more bottled water
*certified to NSF standard
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U.P. $334.60
Installation Included
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Hyundai 4-Stage Alkaline Water
Better Hydration
Immune System Support
Support Weight Loss
Order now!
Countertop $350 Nett
Under-sink $380 Nett

Free installation!

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Save More with Bundles
Simply purchase 1 counter or under-counter water filter and 1 shower filter to enjoy bundle deals!
  • Part 1
  • $199
  • only! U.P. $250
  • *Not kidding. Nett.
  • Part 2
  • Great tasting water
  • Great for food preparation
  • Easy to install
  • Filters 740 gallons
  • Economical
  • Buy now
  • Part 3
  • Get it in 2 days
  • Install without tools
  • Complete package
  • Made in USA
  • Best seller