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16 Raffles Quay NO WALK-INs PLS, Singapore 048581

9001 6441

4.8 out of 5 stars

Christine Chua

5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

Happy with the purchase, finally found a water filter which is certified to remove metals and contaminants at a reasonable price. Customer service to...

Jaime Koh

5 out of 5 stars

posted a year ago

I run an interior design firm and I’ve used them twice for my office projects. Speedy response and delivery. Great service. Great price. I’ve...

Joseph Khor

5 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

extremely good and transparent service. very fast delivery and follow up from ordering to changing out of filter

Mohd Zailani Misman

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Purchased the pour in water dispenser for office use and found it to be very good. Received a lot of good feedbacks from colleagues who say that the...

winston CHEONG

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Very good product and we did not have any issue with it

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Water Filter Singapore (65) 9001-6441

5 out of 5 stars

Andy Tan
Andy Tan

out of 5 stars

posted 4 years ago

Melodie Gan
Melodie Gan

out of 5 stars

posted 5 years ago

Been drinking filtered water from the 'maintenance free under counter water filter' for almost 10 years. My mom first installed it, and I have now...

Kevin Yong
Kevin Yong

out of 5 stars

posted 5 years ago

Service was excellent, product is Korean made, thumbs up for quality. If you are in the market looking for a dispenser, do give these guys a ring!

Pedro Tan
Pedro Tan

out of 5 stars

posted 5 years ago

Started using this maintenance free P5250UC in my office 3 years ago and find it good. Easy to replace and no maintenance required for filtered water....

Chiang Chee Keong
Chiang Chee Keong

out of 5 stars

posted 5 years ago

Bought the counter top water filter P3200 and it was the one of the best decision ever made. The filter looks good on itself when place on the counter...

Love it. Easy for whole family now!

Farah, user of HW-110S Elegance Counter Water Dispenser

Purchase experience was good - Agree
The product is good value for money - Agree
The delivery is prompt - Agree
Installation (if any) was good - Agree
I am likely to recommend HappyPenguin to friends / family - Agree

Leng, xSysNetwork user of HWJ-110 Elegance Standing Water Dispenser

hi, yes the dispenser's great! Love it :)

Eric Avocado, user of W2-170P Elegance Cool Standing Water Dispenser

Bought the counter top water filter P3200 and it was the one of the best decision ever made. The filter looks good on itself when place on the counter just beside the sink and NO DRILLING is required. Installation is very simple and the best part was that the filtered water tasted GOOD (no chloride taste or smell)
The service provided by Jean was great and she was very patience and professional in recommending the product.

Chiang Chee Kiong, user of P3200W Counter-top Water Filter

Great for my sensitive stomach
I was changing my existing water filter of 10 years early this year and had been searching for 1 for a couple of months , bought a few other brands which didn't work well and 1 even had a very odd taste and cause my sensitive stomach to be in pain. Some brands don't have fitting valve for my tap. I had to drink tap water full of chlorine taste for more than 1 month, almost gave up my search then when i googled again Happy Penguin webpage popped up (didn't appear from my past searches) I had been using your Paragon counter top filter for more than 1 month and it has been great ! no stomach discomfort, no odd taste after filtering. I was so relieved to have finally found something reasonably priced, easy to install and without altering the water taste ! Will definitely continue with this model in future.

Thanks for delivering the water filter to my home as soon as the new stock arrived and helping to install it despite some leaks initially.

Amanda, user of P3200W Counter-top Water Filter

Hello Happy Penguin (+Jane)
I purchased a PARAGON over-counter water filter a couple of years ago from your company - and I am a loyal fan of the product. It works great and have already recommended to a couple of friends

Carlos, Novena Singapore user of P3200W Counter-top Water Filter

I felt the water filter was a good buy, hassle-free with a long product life span. Water filtered was easy to drink with no weird taste and installation was done efficiently by their plumber. Have used it for 3 years now and recommended a few friends and family to get it as well.

Damon, Holland Village, Singapore user of 5 Stage MF Counter-top

Water taste better than from the normal tap. My plants grow better with the filtered water too.

Dzul, Punggol user of 2-Stage Twist Lock Water Filtration

I would like to purchase 1 more unit of the Counter-top Water Filter - Chrome - P3200C. I love the one I currently have at home, I need 1 more :)

Joan, user of P3200C Counter-top Water Filter

Good product and fuss free. Safe to drink without boiling. Have installed the model no. P5250UC for 3 years and maintenance free.

A satisfied customer, Bishan

Reliable. Have been using for almost a year. I need to change cartridge now. It is hassle free, I do not need to do anything, no maintenance required. Your technician did a great job in installing, he was very patient & detailed and spent a great deal of time and effort to make sure its perfect.

Mr Yang, Serangoon, user of 3-Stage Twist-Locks Drinking Water Filtration System

Water quality and taste comparable to those expenseive ones. Thanks for the follow up.

Mark, user of P3200C Counter-top Water Filter

We moved to Jakarta 2 years ago with my baby boy who was 8months then. I was worried if the the water quality was "kid safe", so I decided to purchase a tap filter for my kitchen and a shower filter. After some searching online, I found Happy Penguin. The prices were reasonable but I didn't know which filter was suitable for me. Jean, the seller, was super helpful. She answered all my questions promptly and helped me make my choice.

Over the years, I've gone back to her to make more purchases. She's always prompt and goes the extra length to ensure that my filters work. Buying from her is a breeze!

Besides excellent customer service pre and post purchase, the products also work very well for us. My husband says that with the shower filter installed, it makes his skin less itchy after bathing.

We'll definitely keep going back to Happy Penguin for our water filter products.

Ms Jane Tang user of Line shower filter, Handset shower filter & 5 Stage MF Counter-top

With my new Paragon water filter, now i look forward to drinking water as the taste is clearer to the tongue; you simply hv to try it to feel it!

Evelyn Lim, Sengkang Singapore, user of P3200C Counter-top Water Filter

Great tasting water. This is the second one I've owned and will probably buy another if this one holds up as good as the last one did.

Amy Lynne Fletcher, USA, user of Counter-top Filter (Amazon)

I changed the filters this morning. Very fast and easy

Mr Gan, Bedok Singapore, user of 3-Stage Twist-Locks Drinking Water Filtration System

Didn't notice much difference when using the shower filter, but when I went to a new 5 star hotel in Singapore and stayed there a couple of days, realised that my hair felt different and dry even though I used lots of free conditioner there. Guess that the water I have at home is better for my hair.

Ms Tan, Singapore, user of Handheld Shower Filter, Singapore

Im v happy n pleased with the water filter-now the water is clean n clear. Tk u so much, i appreciate ur service n patience in ensuring tt the water filter is Ok. Warmest regards.

Heng, Singapore user of 5 Stage MF Counter-top

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