Natural Goodness of Mt Fuji-Yoshida Spring Water

NATURALLY ENRICHED ALKALINE WATER FROM THE FUJI-YOSHIDA SPRING, MT FUJI Water is essential for health and well-being, from metabolism to temperature regulation, so it’s important to have a daily drinking water. Premium Water is a Japanese water dispenser and delivery service providing convenient access to high quality, natural mild alkaline mineral water. Our water is sourced from Mt. Fuji in Japan, where it passes over volcanic rock, is naturally filtered, and picks up key minerals.

Why Mt Fuji Premium Water?

Sourced from Mount Fuji
Mt. Fuji is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for the pure spring water that comes from its snow-capped peak.
The water extracted from the Fuji Yoshida spring has percolated 200 m underground for over 60 years, flowing over volcanic rock. The water is naturally filtered and purified as it passes over and through these geological formations, picking up minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, as well as traces of vanadium and zinc—all which support everyday health requirements.

Pure TasteHigher oxygenAward WinningMineral BalanceRare MineralsNatural Alkaline

Taste is Big deal. Keeping hydrated is crucial to our daily health and well-being.
However, many people don’t drink enough water because they don’t like the flavor of tap water—it may taste like chemicals or other unpleasant taste due to the source, city pipes or tap faucets.

The delicious, award-winning taste of Premium Water reflects its pure source, natural mineral components, soft alkalinity, and high levels of dissolved oxygen.

Creating a crisp flavor and texture of water which consumer taste-tests have revealed many people prefer. The water sourced from the Fuji Yoshida spring contains 8.2 mg/L of dissolved oxygen,
which results in a premium taste and crispness—tap water varies generally from 4 mg—7 mg/L.

Because we use a unique four-step filtration, a non-heat-treating process, unlike many other mineral waters, our water retains its natural taste and health benefits. While non-heat treated water is difficult to process to undertake, Premium Water is committed to the process for the goal of pure, natural mild alkaline water.

The superior taste of Premium Water has been recognised by the world’s professional’s on food and drink taste standards for the last seven years.

Premium Water contain vital nutrients for everyday health—in particular, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Calcium plays an important role in strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis as the body grows older. Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure and supports the immune system. Potassium builds muscle and lowers blood pressure.

In addition to the four main minerals contained in water from Mt. Fuji, the nutrients Vanadium and Zinc are also present. Vanadium is a trace mineral which is believed by some health practitioners to help treat diabetes, reduce blood pressure, lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and support bone health when. Zinc is commonly regarded as necessary for human health, in particular boosting the immune system, helping to maintain a functioning digestive system, and promoting hormonal balance.

The pH scale measures the alkalinity-acidity levels of water, where “soft water” is more alkaline and “hard water” is more acidic. This reading is based on the pH scale - pH 0 is the most acidic, pH 7 is neutral, pH 14 is the most alkaline. Alkaline water has higher pH levels, meaning that it helps to neutralize excess acid that may be produced in the stomach due to factors such as stress and diet. The average pH range of tap or bottled water is 6.7 to 7.4 pH, whereas Premium Water has a pH of 8.3

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Can I suspend water subscription?
Going on a business trip or holiday? Yes, sure, you can suspend water auto-ship for 59 days without charge.

Can I increase or decrease the auto ship? If so, how much notice do I need to provide?
Simply login & make the changes there, preferably a week before. Min is 2 bottles per month. How long does it take for dispenser to be delivered?
1 week.

Can I terminate the service any time I want?
Yes, you may. However, if you terminate subscription within 1 year, no refund of the $200 deposit be returned. If termination is after 1 year, $100 deposit be returned only. If termination is after 2 years, full deposit of $200 will be returned.

How do I order water, change the no of bottles or make changes on delivery?
Online at your account, or call

About Water Dispenser

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Stylish, Simple, Functional, Free

Premium Water is proud to offer customers stylish, high-quality water dispensers with innovative design functions. These dispensers come in a range of colors to suit all lifestyles.



Choose a dispenser to fit your style, with three colors available.





Once the bottle is affixed to the dispenser, it dynamically compresses as water is consumed, preventing ambient air from entering. This means you can enjoy the purest, freshest water until the very last drop.



Both cold and hot water dispensers are affixed with a safety child lock, so it is safe and reassuring to use for households with children. Additionally, there is a removable tap cover which restricts the operations of both taps, preventing accidents when handled by young children.