Why not drill hole

There are some customers who does not want to install the faucet that comes with the filtration system due these 2 reasons:

1. Renting the apartment
You who are renting the apartment may not want to drill a hole on the sink or counter top as it is subject to approval by landlord and that is a hassle.

Why use shower filter in Singapore? Find out more>

Technically, install the Line shower filter anywhere before the water comes out from the outlet that showers you.

There are 2 models of shower filter we brought in to Singapore: SHF-1 Line Shower Filter & HSF-1 Handheld Shower Filter

What are water coolers? Water coolers = Water dispensers! However, in Singapore, we typically refer water coolers to water dispensers that are stainless steel type in exterior that usually has only chilled water function (so no hot water). You get the idea. It’s the type of water dispensers we use since our primary school days to secondary to tertiary, in our canteens, along corridors, at study areas, in factories and work sites.

Under-sink Water Filter (without the drilling)
Want to enjoy filtered water but have a clean, clear kitchen counter? Don’t want to drill a hole for the auxiliary faucet for the under-counter water filter?

Or perhaps you can’t drill hole as you are staying in a rental unit or do not like to have another faucet on your counter.

Want to test drinking water in Singapore? Not all labs do retail tests and on drinking water. This list is by no means exhaustive but these few are most popular for testing drinking water.

nano silverWhat exactly is nano-silver and where is it used?

Nano-silver is a technology which has been employed in medical fields for decades. It is not a new technology. It is commonly used to inhibit bacteria growth on surgical instruments. 

alkaline water filtration systemsWater is the most crucial element, besides air, for human beings to live. Your body contains a lot of water; approximately two-thirds of your body weight is accounted for by water. Most importantly, you need to continually resupply your body with water or you will simply die within a very short period of time. The water in your body is essential as it is required to digest and absorb the food you eat, eliminate toxins and other waste products from your body, deliver vital oxygen and nutrients to cells, and regulate the temperature of your body.

alkaline water filter singaporeHigh quality alkaline water filters are far superior to normal water filters. More importantly, using an alkaline water filter at home or in your office can provide you with some enviable health benefits also. These include:

  • A more enjoyable and better quality life
  • A stronger immune system – helping you fight off disease and illness

However, not all alkaline water filters are equal. The best ones provide some or all of the benefits detailed below, and are therefore well worth the investment.

If you want to have the best quality drinking water – you should consider using an alkaline water filter as part of your water treatment system at home or in your place of work. Research has shown that alkaline water is the one of the best drinking water, and can even be better quality than expensive bottled water.

So what does an alkaline water filter do exactly? This type of water filter, sometimes referred to as an ionized water filter, basically produces a chemical change in the water. In simple terms, the filter separates the water into two types: alkaline water and acidic water.

Some customers want to know if tall water bottles could be filled up directly from faucet at water dispenser.

Here is the measurement

Classic Counter

Measurement from faucet tip to bottom
w tray: 17cm
w/o tray: 23cm