Water filters can remove contaminants present in water, such as sediments, chlorine & by-products, odor, atrazine, lindane, lead, rusts, toxins, pesticides, bacteria & virus from your drinking water. There are many filtration technologies & a few dispensing modes. We are going to discuss about one mode of dispensing filtered water – under sink.

Beauty of under sink water filters

If you just want clean, quality water that you can consume direct from your tap (ROOM TEMPERATURE), a beautiful solution is under sink water filtration. It is a Point-of-use water filtration system filters water at the point nearest to the outlet, ensuring you have good water when you want to drink it.

It usually does not require electricity, unless it is RO or Electrolysis. Therefore, there is no electrical components to maintain. It is an economical solution that requires very minimal maintenance & investment is usually not too big.

Singaporean locals have this passed down tradition to boil water to cool it down to room temperature, to have safer drinking water. Under-sinks keep the counter CLUTTER FREE from water jugs & other containers that you might otherwise use to keep your drinking water (had you got to do the traditional method).

Feasibility of under sink water filters

Maybe you think that under sink water filtration fits your needs. The next question is the feasibility of installing one. Installation of under sink filters usually comprise of drilling hole to install a small tap that is just for filtered water (separate from the unfiltered tap water used for washing dishes) & mounting or fixing the filter body under the sink, in the cabinet below your kitchen sink. The mounting or fixing of filter body (housing or cartridges) and connecting the outlet to the faucet is usually straightforward. So let us concern ourselves with the installation of the tap.

Typical faucet installations for under sink filters

– examples of faucets installed for under sink water filters

Drilling of 1.2cm diameter hole is typically required, to install the auxiliary faucet. There are 2 options to install it on. Counter top OR sink corner.

Drilling on counter top material

If your tap is to be installed on your counter top due to under mount kitchen sinks, & your counter top is made of these materials, we can drill a 1.2cm hole to install the faucet for you.

  • solid surface
  • Acrylic
  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • resin

However, some households have counter top materials that are not drill-friendly, such as quartz, marble, granite, cement or concrete (underneath, with tiled top).

Drilling on sink corner

In these cases, if there is space on the sink corner, customers will usually prefer the drill on the (usually metal) sink.

Required space for faucet base

If you have a diameter of MINIMUM 3.2cm diameter base, we can install the basic (Hyundai Waco or Paragon brand) faucet tap for you. If the corner is not tight for 3.2cm diameter, shop now here https://shop.waterfilter.com.sg/water-filters/under-sink.html

If your sink corner seem tight, you are not sure if it is enough space for 32mm diameter, fret not.
For such scenario, you may DOWNLOAD this pdf to cut the circle to place on your corner to see if it is good.

Cut-out template is here!


  1. DOWNLOAD pdf from the link
  2. PRINT
  3. CUT out Circle A for minimum space requirement
  4. PLACE cut-out on FLAT surface at your corner and see if there is space for it. If there is, congrats, you can possibly choose from our under sink water filters in our shop! If otherwise, contact us to discuss. There are other alternatives.
  5. Snap TWO pics with mobile:
    – cut-out on corner
    – under the sink
  6. You may want to send us #5 via WhatsApp direct at https://wa.me/6590016441
  7. Shop Now