Depending on the types of dispensers, some dispensers do require piped-out drainage. Office type of water dispensers that have plastic exterior usually do not require water drainage points.

Office type of dispensers that do NOT require piped-out drainage:
Stainless Steel type of Water Coolers that REQUIRE piped-out drainage:
These water coolers require water discharge points because there is a basin where the excess water flows into and is removed directly into drainage. The office use type of dispensers typically has no such requirement as there is a small drop tray that can be removed that requires manual clearing.

4 Types of water discharge points

1. Under Sink Discharge pipe

If location of water cooler is near the sink, we can make use of the drainage pipe under the sink. Eg:

2. Contractor/plumber built drainage pipe

Plumbers / contractors can do a site visit to quote and propose how to run the discharge point, it could be linked to the nearest toilet or any discharge point.

3. Floor trap point

If location of water cooler is near the floor trap, discharge pipe or hose can easily be connected to it.

4. Into drain (hack floor to conceal discharge pipe)

If location of water cooler is near a small drain, it is also feasible to hack the floor to conceal a discharge pipe, linking dispenser to the drain, so that the pipe is conceal and does not pose as a trip-over hazard.