So, you are thinking of getting or have bought a floor standing water dispenser and is not too excited when it comes to having to bend a little to get water at the spigots. It is a common issue with the water dispensers. I do not understand why dispensers are made short like, universally for floor standings. Even the tallest does not seem tall enough. These days, our backs are stiff and we are tall, right?

Well, there are a few ways to increase the height considerably.

1. Customise your own!
You could customise a platform for it to sit on. We have customers doing that.
- You can customise the height to be really tall & it can be very stable, strong and matches the look/ colour of dispenser.

- Even if you change a dispenser, you could still use it (dispensers seem to be universally short)

Cons: It will cost a bit to make it.

For example:

2. Fridge stands
Or the cheapest and fastest is to but this old style fridge height extension (which can be bought at neighbourhood hardware stores. Just ask for “fridge stands” and they will show you.

- Cheap & readily available (less than $10 for a set of 4)

- Limited height (8.3cm extension is as tall as it gets)
- May not look too classy

Let us know if you need help to buy this one, its less than $10 for a set of 4, extension height of 8.3cm. When we change filter or when we install, we can bring it.

Notice the fridge stand is used at the foot of this dispenser:

3. Use whatever short stand you can get
Just bear in mind the weight of the dispenser or keep your eyes open when you shop.

- May not need to spend if you use existing furniture
Simply measure the width & depth of the water dispenser and hunt for something around less than 30cm in height, it should be good enough.

- When buying ready-made generic furniture for this, it may not be tested to take the weight, so think of the structure of the furniture selected. A floor standing dispenser plus the water in it is around 30ish kg.