Why not drill hole

There are some customers who does not want to install the faucet that comes with the filtration system due these 2 reasons:

1. Renting the apartment
You who are renting the apartment may not want to drill a hole on the sink or counter top as it is subject to approval by landlord and that is a hassle.

Under-sink Water Filter (without the drilling)
Want to enjoy filtered water but have a clean, clear kitchen counter? Don’t want to drill a hole for the auxiliary faucet for the under-counter water filter?

Or perhaps you can’t drill hole as you are staying in a rental unit or do not like to have another faucet on your counter.

Drilling requirement for P5250 - 25mm
Drilling requirement for twist locks - 12mm

Can user change from using P5250 Maintenance Free Under Counter Water Filter to Twist Locks in future?

2 Stage Twist-Locks Replacement

Confused on which cartridge on which side when replacing the cartridges?

All under-counter water filtration systems sold here at WaterFilter.com.sg (except SoPure Water Filters) comes with parts and accessories required to install the water filters. Other than the water filter itself, the faucet is something that might matter to you too, you may want to know how much space is needed. Here are some images of the package that comes with the Twist-Locks (under-counters).