Water filters can remove contaminants present in water, such as sediments, chlorine & by-products, odor, atrazine, lindane, lead, rusts, toxins, pesticides, bacteria & virus from your drinking water. There are many filtration technologies & a few dispensing modes. We are going to discuss about one mode of dispensing filtered water – under sink.

Why not drill hole

There are some customers who does not want to install the faucet that comes with the filtration system due these 2 reasons:

1. Renting the apartment
You who are renting the apartment may not want to drill a hole on the sink or counter top as it is subject to approval by landlord and that is a hassle.

Under-sink Water Filter (without the drilling)
Want to enjoy filtered water but have a clean, clear kitchen counter? Don’t want to drill a hole for the auxiliary faucet for the under-counter water filter?

Or perhaps you can’t drill hole as you are staying in a rental unit or do not like to have another faucet on your counter.

Drilling requirement for P5250 - 25mm
Drilling requirement for twist locks - 12mm

Can user change from using P5250 Maintenance Free Under Counter Water Filter to Twist Locks in future?

2 Stage Twist-Locks Replacement

Confused on which cartridge on which side when replacing the cartridges?