Under-sink Water Filter (without the drilling)
Want to enjoy filtered water but have a clean, clear kitchen counter? Don’t want to drill a hole for the auxiliary faucet for the under-counter water filter?

Or perhaps you can’t drill hole as you are staying in a rental unit or do not like to have another faucet on your counter.

Granite & Marble counter top – No drilling
Or perhaps your sink is totally under-mount by surfaces like marble, granite or quartz and have difficulty getting the water filtration company to drill a hole for you, then you have this “no-drill” problem too. (Other solid surfaces are ok to drill, our plumber or technician will do the job.)

If you have yet to install your marble or granite or even quartz kitchen counter, don’t! Get your contractor or counter top factory to drill the hole for you before they install it for you, they will even do it for no extra charge. Then problem solved.

Why auxiliary faucet
Most under-sink water filtration systems come with a set of dedicated small faucet for installation on counter to and that requires a drilling of 12mm diameter hole on the sink top or counter. This way, you can enjoy filtered water for drinking and preparation of food, without wasting the filtered water (if you connect it to the one and only faucet you are using, whether you wash plates or hands with it, it is filtered).

If you are not keen on the auxiliary faucet, yet do NOT want the filtration system to sit on your counter, perhaps you can consider this method.

Don’t worry about the hole
An idea, should you one day not want to use under-sink filtration system, is to use the 1.2cm hole for soap dispensers like this (which we love!):

“Mixer tap method”
For this method, we will connect the water filter to the hot water line instead of the cold water line so when you swivel the tap to the hot water side, it dispenses at the filtered water via the "hot water" from the existing faucet you have. This method will work only if you have a mixer tap and does NOT have have water heater for the water at sink.

Water Flow
Of course the water connected to the “hot” water side may not have such big flow like your usual flow at your existing faucet, but it is not too small, it will be something like the water flow you get at school canteen water cooler spouts. After all, most under-counter water filters for residential or offices are designed for ¼ inch water outlet.

Well otherwise, if you have no issues with us drilling a hole for auxiliary tap, under-sink water filters are beautiful. They save your kitchen counter top from clutter and give it the space you want in the usually small kitchens we have in Singapore.

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