Why not drill hole

There are some customers who does not want to install the faucet that comes with the filtration system due these 2 reasons:

1. Renting the apartment
You who are renting the apartment may not want to drill a hole on the sink or counter top as it is subject to approval by landlord and that is a hassle.

2. Quartz, Granite, Marble
Quartz/ Marble/ Granite top not installed yet, kitchen under renovation
If you have one of the counter tops like quartz, granite or marble, you might not want to drill on it, thought it is not always the case that it has to be drilled on the counter. For sinks that are not over-mount by the counter, drilling on metal sink is easy.

Over-Mount Sinks (does not have exposed sink top areas) E.g.:
Sinks with exposed sink

We can drill on quartz but it requires our external contractor to do it and it is not covered under basic installation. $50 is chargeable.

We do not drill on marble and granite.

Quartz/ Marble/ Granite top not installed yet, kitchen under renovation
If your marble / granite / quartz top is not installed yet and you need to drill on counter as you have a total under-mount sink, you can get your designer or contractor to have your counter drilled with a hole. The hole needed is 12mm. For Hyundai 500N & Paragon 1-stage, 2-stage, 3-stage)


Using under-sink filtration systems without installing auxiliary filter

There are alternatives and it all depends on your situation.

1. Using the "hot" water hose in a mixer tap
You can use this only if you have a mixer tap and does not use hot water or does not have a heater for the kitchen sink. A mixer tap has 2 hoses, if you check underneath the tap thats installed. We can make use of the "hot" water hose to be connected to the FILTERED water. So when you switch your water faucet to complete "hot", its filtered water being dispensed.

2. Using a 3-way tap
If you use hot water at sink, you can consider a 3-way tap. A 3-way tap has 3 hoses, one for hot, one for cold, the other for FILTERED water. HOWEVER, if you are now having a SINGLE tap, that is not a mixer tap, chances are, the current hole in which your tap is in, is NOT big enough to install the mixer or the 3-way tap. A 3 way tap hole needed is same as that of the mixer tap. So, sorry for singles, maybe you cannot use this option unless the current hole is expanded.

Look at how beautiful this 3-way tap is!

If you have any more questions regarding this topic, you might want to email us or call us.