Our Products are NSF/ANSI certified. So what is NSF Certification?

NSF is an international not-for-profit testing & certification agency founded in 1944. It is recognised globally as a leading expert in developing and administering performance standards for products for domestic and industrial products in sanitation and public health. Manufacturers, regulators and consumers look to NSF International for the development of public health standards and certification that help protect the world's food, water, health and consumer products.

1. Flushing the system before use
2. Functions
3. Technical parameters
4. Diagrams
5. Installation 
6. Maintenance - Change of Cartridge

Download this Installation & Operation Manual - P3200 here.

The countertops P3200C (Chrome) or P3200W (White) are simple to install and usually requires NO other accessories except for maybe a light hook to hold up the 1/4" tubing if you do not want it off the counter. There are so many types from the DIY shops. This is what I got from Home-Fix. Do request for a piece from us if you require it, then you do not have to buy the whole pack.

botanicaire xsYes, Fresh air never look so good! Proudly made in Singapore.

Did you know that almost 1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water in developing parts of the world in Africa, Latin America and Asia? Most often, the water available to them is not clean and carries many pathogens, minerals and heavy metals. The rest of us who are fortunate enough in developed countries have access to water which chlorine is used to eliminate bacteria from the municipal drinking water supplies, making tap water safe for everyday consumption. But, scientists are warning that prolonged drinking of chlorinated water can have serious impact on our health.

We are becoming increasingly aware that our drinking water is not as clean as we would like. Even chlorine in the water, used for eliminating harmful bacteria, is doing more damage to our health than good. There is a range of products on the market that we can use to ensure that we and our family are drinking pure and safe water. But, the range is so huge that it is almost impossible to make a decision on their usefulness and quality without some serious research. Fortunately, there is a help available. NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) is a trusted certification body that ensures that the products available for the purification of water are as good as their manufacturers claim them to be.

Bottled water has now become one of the most popular (and fashionable in some countries) beverages consumed in many parts of the world, in spite of the fact that most people worldwide are provided with clean and safe water for drinking by their local water authority.

Bottled water companies claim that contamination of the mains water supply poses a threat to normal drinking water from the tap and so it is better to purify the water, bottle it, and sell it to the consumer.

Environmentalists claim this is unnecessary and actually causes more harm to the environment.

Many people wonder if filtering their drinking water actually has any benefits for them. Is it really necessary? There are many reasons why people may think about, or want to use, a water filtration system to filter their drinking water.

Distillation has been used for purifying water, including sea water, for thousands of years. Until the 70s, purifying water by distillation was a common way of making water clean for drinking. This method, used in the past in many individual homes, is now used much less in the developed countries, since the new filters are proving more effective and practical. One of the main criticisms of using distilling for purifying water is the fact that the water becomes too pure. The process removes absolutely everything from the water, including the beneficial minerals we need for good health. But, the most important reason for not using distillation to purify water is that the process is very cost-ineffective. Distillation is mostly used today to produce water for industry or labs, where perfectly pure water is a necessity.

Nowadays, many people think that drinking unfiltered water can be damaging for your health because it may contain contaminants, fluoride or parasites. However, many health conscious people are amazed by the fact that drinking distilled water regularly may also be damaging for your health if its consumed long term.

Hyundai Wacortec Water Dispenser | SingaporeDo you need a water dispenser for your home or office?

A water dispenser in Singapore is a common sight in homes and offices providing filtered chilled drinking water and hot water for beverages such as coffee and tea. It has become a basic necessity to have the convenience for better productivity and better living. There are numerous types of water dispenser and many different features and options to choose from – so how do you decide which water dispenser is the best for your individual needs?