The countertops P3200C (Chrome) or P3200W (White) are simple to install and usually requires NO other accessories except for maybe a light hook to hold up the 1/4" tubing if you do not want it off the counter. There are so many types from the DIY shops. This is what I got from Home-Fix. Do request for a piece from us if you require it, then you do not have to buy the whole pack.

P3200 comes with the (male/female) adaptor and diverter valve for standard faucet mouth, but if your faucet mouth is different (as in NOT round) and uncommon, please check with us to find out if it could be used.

img2 08 26 2014 img 08 26 2014 <male  female adaptor (provided in standard package)

In some cases, you might need converters that changes the size. 

Most fancy faucet still comes with a round faucet aerator like this. 

But if your faucet mouth is really not round like this fancy one below, then you might want to consider Under-counter filters or change your faucet. 

Other accessories available at DIY shops: 

 <rubber adaptor (available upon request f.o.c)