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Haze this June is expected to be worse than last year's record high. The forecast for worse hazy days this June 2014 has resulted in many Singaporeans not just reaching for their masks but also looking to purchase an efficient and effective air purifier.

6tipsforbuyingairpurifiersBuying an air purifier is a smart move to improve the indoor air quality where you live. In contrast to what many people think, the quality of indoor air at home and not the air outside, may be a contributing factor to various health conditions like asthma, hay fever, allergies, etc. Many of these can be eradicated by simply using a good quality air purifier in your home. So how do you choose a good quality air purifier? Here are six important factors to keep in mind when buying air purifiers.

If you want to improve the quality of air inside your home, then you will need a high-quality air purifier. A high-quality air purifier can reduce the quantity of airborne allergens which can antagonize common allergies and asthma. Basically, an air purifier takes the dirty air, eliminates the contaminants, and produces a flow of clean, healthy air in your home. The type of filter fitted in an air purifier unit will determine the process of air purification and also how well the air purifier performs.

Today’s modern homes may be very energy efficient, but it comes at a price – the air inside your home is not as clean as the air outside. Many modern window and door installations have excellent climate seals to inhibit the loss of heat from the home, but at the same time they also prevent any natural airflow as found in older homes. The air inside your home can quickly become contaminated and end up being less clean than the air outside. 

Hyundai Wacor tec Air Purifier

High-performance and high-efficiency nano-silver HEPA filter
9-step air clean system
Intelligent full-automatic operation system

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OTO (Orthotolidine) Test
OTO is a solution that turns yellow when added to chlorinated water. The darker it turns, the more chlorine is present in the water. If the chlorine level is excessively high, then the solution will turn brown. One benefit of an OTO test is that it does not bleach out in the presence of high levels of chlorine.

2 Stage Twist-Locks Replacement

Confused on which cartridge on which side when replacing the cartridges?

Here's a video on How to fix up aerator / diverter of P3200 counter-top water filter to mouth of faucet.

Ultrafiltration Defined

Ultrafiltration (UF) refers to a special type of filtration using a membrane and hydrostatic pressure to force liquid against it. The membrane is semi-permeable which means that it can separate certain substances from the liquid as the liquid passes over it. This type of technology has been used as a viable means of desalination for some time. Nowadays, filtration processes utilizing membranes are becoming increasingly popular for removing bacteria, micro-organisms and particles and natural organic material from normal water.