Hyundai Wacor tec Air Purifier

High-performance and high-efficiency nano-silver HEPA filter
9-step air clean system
Intelligent full-automatic operation system

Against constructions materials, toxic gas, cigarette smoke, food, fingi, pets, and various other indoor odors.

It will help maintain your family's health and the performance level of students and professionals when installed at home or other confined spaces such as apartment, offices, research labs, VIP rooms, hospitals, schools and bars.

Strongly recommended for use in hospitals, schools, restaurants, entertainment establishments, kindergartens, offices, shops, and any location where air contamination and food traffic levels are high.

Today we live in perhaps the greatest material civilization of all time, but the polluted air is slowly killing our bodies and minds. Without strong bodies and minds, all the wealth or fame in the world would be meaningless. Microscopic dust, various types of toxic gas, virus, and other urban contaminants have occupied our streets, offices, and homes.

System Organization

  1. Sensor Auto Operation
  2. Equalizier
  3. Operating Reservation
  4. Wind control
  5. Pollution Level Display
  6. Negative Ion
  7. Remote control(option)

Power supply: 220V AC/50Hz 
Power rate: 30W 
Room size: up to 100sqm (1076sqft) 
Operating method: multiple (filter + electronic type) 
Weight: 10kg 
Dimensions: 440 x 250 x 780mm (W x D x H)

9 Step Smart Air Ozone Sterlizing Deodorizing Purifier New Technology

1st Pre-purification
2nd Medium Sheet
3rd Antivirus Medium Filter
4th Nano Silver HEPA filter
5th Carbon Urethane Filter
6th Carbon Antivirus Sheet
7th Granular Active Carbon Deodorizing
8th Carbon Urethane Deodorizing
9th Anion