nano silverWhat exactly is nano-silver and where is it used?

Nano-silver is a technology which has been employed in medical fields for decades. It is not a new technology. It is commonly used to inhibit bacteria growth on surgical instruments. 

Without going into an in-depth scientific description of what nano-silver is, simply put, it is a collection of micro-sized (nano) pieces of silver which either cover or are suspended in an article. How big is a nano? It is approximately the same size as 6 atoms lined up side by side.

Even though a collection of nano-silver particles is incredibly small, it offers very large benefits for health in terms of its ability to kill, and prevent the growth of, bacteria and other infections.

Recently, alternative uses for nano-silver technology have been developed, expanding into various products including household cleaners, personal electronic devices and other domestic appliances like vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, room sanitizers and water purification systems.