If you want to have the best quality drinking water – you should consider using an alkaline water filter as part of your water treatment system at home or in your place of work. Research has shown that alkaline water is the one of the best drinking water, and can even be better quality than expensive bottled water.

So what does an alkaline water filter do exactly? This type of water filter, sometimes referred to as an ionized water filter, basically produces a chemical change in the water. In simple terms, the filter separates the water into two types: alkaline water and acidic water.

Alkaline water - smaller clusters

The alkaline water the filter produces contains H20 clusters which are smaller, and therefore your body can digest and absorb them more easily; providing quicker and enhanced hydration for your body because it carries a greater quantity of energy-rich oxygen; it also has a better taste. Also, drinking alkaline water instead of regular water provides some interesting health benefits, (which is probably why it is popular in Singapore) such as:

  • Lower levels of blood sugar
  • Less probability of allergic reactions
  • Higher ability to combat damage caused by free radicals
  • Higher levels of energy

Acidic water & its use

The second type of water it produces is acidic water. This is potentially harmful for your body, as it can produce an imbalance in the pH level of your body, so you should not drink this. But, acidic water has some very useful applications because of its ability to neutralize germs; it is ideal for washing dishes, using to shampoo hair, cleaning wounds, and removing stains.

So, you can benefit from using an alkaline water filter Singapore has available in two ways: you get a continual supply of the healthiest drinking water possible, and you can also use the acidic water produced as part of the purification process as a sterilizing and cleaning agent for personal grooming and household cleaning applications.

What is the best filtration system?

For the overall best results, you should use an alkaline water filter as part of a multi-component water purification system which also eliminates undesirable contaminants and microbial bacteria from your drinking water supply. Remember, an alkaline water filter doesn’t actually purify the water – it separates it through a chemical process into two types - alkaline and acidic - so, it’s still desirable to purify the water by using other water purification products.

While alkaline water offers many health benefits, your first priority should be to ensure that your drinking water is purified so that it is safe and clean to drink. The filtering out of potentially harmful contaminants and other unwanted substances should be the first step in your water filtering system.

Luckily, you can easily achieve this because most good quality alkaline water filters also include filtration elements made from carbon or ceramic, which are able to eliminate undesirable impurities and chemicals from water. This filtration procedure makes sure that your water is clean and safe to drink – the alkaline water filter will then transform it into drinking water with many more benefits for your health and overall wellbeing, not to mention improved taste.

Many regular water purification systems simply produce clean and safe drinking water. But an alkaline water filter takes water treatment to the next level – providing you with oxygen-rich, easily absorbable, and energizing drinking water whenever you want it. You’ll quickly experience the benefits to your health and energy levels!