alkaline water filter singaporeHigh quality alkaline water filters are far superior to normal water filters. More importantly, using an alkaline water filter at home or in your office can provide you with some enviable health benefits also. These include:

  • A more enjoyable and better quality life
  • A stronger immune system – helping you fight off disease and illness

However, not all alkaline water filters are equal. The best ones provide some or all of the benefits detailed below, and are therefore well worth the investment.

Superior quality

Studies have provided firm evidence that regular water filters are easily outperformed by high quality alkaline water filters and the multiple benefits they provide. The healthy water produced by high quality alkaline water filters is far superior to bottled water, or water filtered by charcoal, reverse osmosis, and, not surprisingly, regular tap water.

The importance of ORP values

Alkaline water filters produce electrolyzed water with much healthier ORP values, and therefore your body can digest and absorb it much more easily. The ORP value basically measures the ability of the water to break down contaminants; in other words, how easily the water can clean itself. This ability to eradicate undesirable contaminants offers real benefits, such as:

  • Improving your body’s ability to resist signs of aging
  • Helping your body burn fat
  • Improving the quality of your dietary intake
  • Reenergizing your body and improving your overall wellbeing
  • Enhancing digestive ability

Your body is made up of around 70% water, which is essential for your body to function properly. Your blood also has high water content (94%), so you can easily understand why water is absolutely vital for your health and physical wellbeing.

The importance of pH levels and diet

However, in many cases, daily drinking water has a limited ability in terms of maintaining the necessary pH balance (7.365) required by your blood for optimal functioning.

One of the main problems is that nowadays many people consume much more processed foods than in the past, and this can lead to extremely high levels of acidity in your body, if not counterbalanced. This means that your body basically extracts essential moisture from your muscles and bones so that it can neutralize the excess acid in your body.

This diversion of essential moisture from bones is one of the common causes of arthritis and osteoporosis, and other such painful and debilitating conditions. In some cases it may even lead to the occurrence of acid reflux disease.

There are also certain foods which you should definitely steer clear of due to their high levels of acidity, such as meat, alcohol, coffee, soda, sugar and cheese. Are you aware that you need to drink the equivalent of thirty three glasses of water just to neutralize the amount of acid present in one regular soda? - further evidence of just how vitally important good quality drinking water is for your overall health and wellbeing.

Also a worrying concern – if your body becomes highly acidic, it can become a breeding ground for yeast, bacteria and other organisms; they thrive in such an environment whereas they have a much harder time surviving in a more alkaline environment.

Hydration is essential

Making sure that you consume sufficient water on a daily basis is essential to maintain your body sufficiently hydrated – yet most people suffer from dehydration without even being aware of it. This can be especially true if you are only drinking tap water, as it may lack essential natural minerals or be too acidic to maintain proper hydration; the long-term effects of which can lead to conditions such as acid reflux, heartburn, constipation, arthritis, and arterial disease, problems with cholesterol, obesity, and even cancer.

Alkaline water has a greater ability to successfully filter chlorine and other harmful contaminants, and actually tastes better into the bargain, as well as being more easily digested. The fact that it is absorbed into your body so easily and rapidly explains why you can drink a large glass of alkaline water quickly and yet not feel full.

Improving your dietary intake

You might find it a challenge to dramatically change your diet and avoid many of the harmful processed foods you might be accustomed to eating, but changing your water intake is much easier and will provide you with plenty of health benefits to help counteract any deficiencies in your diet.

Alkaline water – its specific characteristics

  • Alkaline water is probably best known for its ability to neutralize acid in your body. Alkaline water filters can provide a range of pH values from 9.5 to 11.5, the latter providing greater protection for your immune system and helping it better fight any disease or bacteria quickly and more effectively.
  • What’s more, using alkaline water with a pH level of 11.5 when cooking and preparing food, especially meat, fruit and fresh vegetables, will help eradicate any traces of contaminants or pesticides, leaving your food healthier and tastier. It is also extremely useful for the cleaning of chopping boards, kitchen sinks, and even for removing stains in the bathroom due to its ability to cleanse and neutralize acid.
  • There are also alkaline water filters which can produce water with a pH level in the range 4.5 to 6.5 which is ideal for personal hygiene and grooming use; it helps deep cleanse skin pores and enhances your complexion; it can help combat acne, eliminate age spots, remove general skin blemishes, and even negate the need to buy expensive commercial face cleansing products.

It is undeniable that the benefits provided by using a high quality alkaline water filter are far superior to simply drinking or using regular tap water. And, importantly, the health benefits are long-term. Best of all – using alkaline water provides you with the best tasting water available, and its superb taste even helps you make better tasting coffee or tea.

A quick and easy way to improve your health

If you value your health, you should take advantage of the best alkaline water filter Singapore offers, and its many benefits; from simply neutralizing the excess acid within your body to boosting your immune system and making it better able to combat any virus, disease or serious health condition which may threaten your body.