Brace for a worse haze, invest in an anti haze filter

Haze this June is expected to be worse than last year’s record high. The forecast for worse hazy days this June 2014 has resulted in many Singaporeans not just reaching for their masks but also looking to purchase an efficient and effective air purifier.

Such devices have been recommended by doctors in order to purify the air by a process of filtering out microscopic particles which it can contain, especially during haze periods. Such air purifier units are beneficial even for people who do not suffer from any current respiratory disease.

Simply closing windows at home and switching the air conditioner system on can sometimes help decrease the quantity of airborne particles when indoors. However, this is often not sufficient to eliminate all particles, especially when the air conditioning unit does not have a filter which is able to capture microscopic particles.

Consultant respiratory physician, Dr Philip Eng, who works at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, claims that air purifiers can be “useful for all types of individuals, especially when haze levels are very high”. He also commented: “The best benefit is for those with chronic heart and lung problems.”

Miniscule particles which enter the bloodstream may possibly cause a fatal heart attack or stroke, and particles which get into the lungs may trigger symptoms similar to those in asthma cases, such as wheezing, coughing and breathlessness doctors also said.