1. Flushing the system before use
2. Functions
3. Technical parameters
4. Diagrams
5. Installation
6. Maintenance – Change of Cartridge

Download this Installation & Operation Manual – P3200 here.



Installation & Operation Manual


1. Flushing the system before use

Only for cold tap water. For the first time, please flush the water for at least 10minutes to ensure the removal of the carbon fines.

If water is not used for more than 3 days (eg when you come back from holiday), please flush the water for a few minutes before use.

Caution: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

2. Function 

This water filter reduces the following contaminants:

reduces sediment, rust, silt
reduces chlorine tast and odour
reduces cycts
reduces organic matter such as Atrazine & Lindane
reduces lead

3. Technical parameters

Dimensions: 11.5cm×30cm
Flow Rate: 0.5gpm(1.9Lpm)
Capacity: 500Gallons(1890L )
Working Pressure: 30-100Psi (2.1-6.9bar)
Operating Temperature Range: 40-100F(4-38C)
Water source: Tap water
NSF Certificates: 42 & 53

Note: P3200W: White housing
P3200C: Housing with Chromate

4. Diagrams

5. Installation 

Step A: Open the housing, remove the cling wrap packaging of the cartridge, and reinstall the cartridge back to how it was.

Step B: Check parts list to make sure you have all the parts needed.

Step C: Unscrew existing aerator from your faucet. Replace it with the provided Diverter Valve.

Step D: Place your water filter in a desired location near the sink.

Step E: Push double “O” ring end of spout into the hole on the base of the housing.

6. Maintenance – Change of Cartridge

Replace cartridge when capacity is reached or when flow becomes too slow. Replace about once a year generally.

A. Turn the filter upside down in sink to remove most of the water (with housing) . Unscrew housing to open and remove cartridge.

B. Rince out housing.

C. While housing is still upside down, put in new cartridge, making sure that the hole in the middle of the cartridge fits on the post of the inside of the top of the housing. Screw on snugly.

Finish replacement and you are now ready for another 740 gallons of filtered water!


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Download this Installation & Operation Manual – P3200 here.