Yes, it costs only 8.5 cents a day to say goodbye to chlorine & chloramines and trihalomethanes and enjoy better tasting water! Great for drinking, cooking and making coffee and tea.

How it works out to be 8.5 cents a day
Price of Paragon Maintenance Counter-Top Water Filtration System: S$123
Cost per month: $2.56 (assuming water filter lasts 4 years*, that is 48 months)
Cost per day: $0.085 ($2.56 /30 days)

*Based on a family of 4 on municipal treated water, filter life of Maintenance Free Counter-top Filter is 3 to 5 years.

  • Paragon’s NSF tested and certified
  • Patented 5-stage filtration system
  • Large capacity of 10,000 gallons (37, 850L)
  • Maintenance-free (no cartridges to change).
  • Long-reach spout turns 360 degrees.
  • No drilling of hole on counter top required.
  • Made in USA.


Large Capacity:
37,850L; 37 tons; equivalent of 2,000 barrels of bottled water.

Maintenance Free:
No cartridge to change before it meets the lifespan of the filter; absolutely maintenance free.

American patented high-tech KDF media effectively removes heavy metal, chlorine, sulfureted hydrogen, controls bacteria and scale.

Easy to Install:
Easy to install, within 2 minutes.

High Quality Water:
Tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 (American National Science Foundation)

Five-Stage Filtering
The first stage:
Water flows to the bottom of the filter, through the micron pad that removes sediment and other particles.
The second stage: Water passes KDF media. KDF55 is a high-purity copper-zinc formulations that removes most of the chlorine, sulfureted hydrogen, and water soluble heavy metal in water using an oxidation / reduction (redox) reaction. KDF also inhibits the growth of microorganisms, and soften hard scales to improve taste.
The third stage: Water flows through another micron pad to further reduce all kinds of impure particles.
The fourth stage: Water passes quality-coconut made GAC – granular activated carbon to further reduce chlorine and odor, and effectively remove a variety of organic contaminants to improve taste.
The fifth stage: The last filtration also uses micron pad to ensure fresh water and improve taste.

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