Shower Filtration Systems

Chlorine strips natural protective oils from skin, causing excess dryness, and sometimes redness and itching. Free chlorine also evaporates and you breath it in the shower. With a chlorine-removing Paragon Shower Filter PSHF1 you will notice significant cosmetical improvements - softer skin and silk hair! By elimination of chlorine and other chemicals from your shower with Paragon shower filters you will significantly reduce health risks that are caused by exposure to VOCs and THMs. Restores natural softness to skin, scalp and hair by removing harsh drying chemicals from water. Line Shower Filter SHF-1 can be attached to any hand-held shower handle so you can get filtered water in the shower and keep your favorite hand held shower head! This is a use-and-throw model, no replacement of cartridge is required. Handheld Shower HSF-1 has a 4 function massage head that allows cartridges to be changed.

  SHF-1 HSF-1
  Line  Handheld 
 Can be used with existing shower head N
 Filter Life 6 - 8 mos 6 - 8 mos
 Cartridge Replacement Non SFRC1
Ease of Installation Y Y
Feature   4 function massage head
Reduces over 98% Chlorine, Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide, Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium, Prohibits growth of Bacteria, Fungi and Algae, Eliminates Odors Y Y
Capacity 10,000G / 37,800L  10,000G / 37,800L


Restores natural softness to skin, scalp and hair by removing harsh, drying chemicals from the water
May help reduce acne and eczema