Counter top Filtration Systems

Plug & Play! Counter top water filtration systems are placed on a counter and connected to an existing kitchen sink faucet and the treated water is dispensed from spout. These water filters are easy to fix and can be done DIY with instructions and parts provided in package. Choose from maintenance-free P3060CTD for use-&-throw for lage capacity or cartridge changeable P3200.


  P3060CTD P3200 P3050
  Maintenance Free Counter-top Water Filter 5 Stage MF Counter-top
Reduces Sediment, rust, silt, Chlorine taste and odor, Microbiological cysts, organic matter such as Altrazine & Lindane, Lead Y Y Y
Filter Life1 Long lasting up to 1 year Long Lasting
Cartridge Replacement N P2901RC N
Flow Rate L/min 1.9L/min 1.9L/min  7.4Lpm (1.95gpm)
Working Temperature (degree celcius) 4 to 38  4 to 38  1 – 38℃ (34 – 100 °F)
Working Pressure  2.1 to 6.9 Bar 2.1 to 6.9 Bar 1.3 ~8.6bar
Rated Capacity  25,000G / 94,600L 740G / 2,000L 37,850L (10,000 gallons)
Dimensions (cm) φ 9.5(D) x 32.4(H)  11(D)×30(H) φ12.5cm×19cm (4.92″×7.48″)
ANSI/NSF 42 42, 53  42
Available colours  White/ Chrome White/ Chrome White

Why Counter-tops

  • When you do not want to / cannot have a plumber do installation perhaps because you do not want to drill hole on sink top for side faucet becuase you are renting apartment (you require plumber installation for under-counters)
  • When you do not have any space at all under the counter
  • Prefer DIY fix & go since it requires no tools and all parts are provided for standard setup.

Feature & Benefits

  • No tools required
  • Easy DIY installation with full installation package
  • No Electricity Required
  • No drilling for faucet required
  • Made in U.S.A


For family of four, depending on quality of water1