Cartridge Installation and Care

Auto Shut Off Technology

This filter cartridge is designed for use with the Optima Auto Shut Off head. There is no need to turn incoming water supply off prior to filter cartridge removal.

First Flush

Run your drinking water filter tap for 10 minutes prior to first use of any new filter cartridge. Black or grayish water may appear at this time. Alternatively, cloudy or milky water may appear. Either or both are a common occurence when running new filter cartridges.

Black or grayish water represents loose carbon fines dislodged during transportation and will quickly disappear. Milky or cloudy water is merely aeration that will also disappear. In some instances milky water may appear for several days. This water is pure and safe to drink. Aeration usually disappear once water is left standing for a minute or two.

Filter Maintenance

Always refrigerate "wet" filter cartridges when not in use for more than 21 days. Never freeze filter cartridges. Never dry out filter cartridges.

Replacing Cartridges

1. Align cartridge with head assembly
2. Insert cartridge vertically into head
3. Turn cartridge anticlockwise to lock in


Note: Only Normal Temperature Water is Permitted.
Please see installation instructions for internal operation and maintenance requirements.