People living in developed countries are fortunate to have clean water coming out of their taps. Tap water is processed in order to eliminate harmful bacteria and heavy metals. Unfortunately, chemicals used to clean the tap water are harmful themselves. According to the American Journal of Public Health, chlorine used to clean tap water can cause harmful skin irritations, asthma and even cancer. Using a shower filter to ensure that you are showering with truly clean water is the only way to minimize exposure to unhealthy dose of chlorine.

Long, warm, cozy, dangerous shower

We are all aware of chlorine in our swimming pools. It stings our eyes, makes our hair turn brittle, blonds turn green, our skin feels dry and flaky. The more we swim, the worse are the effect of chlorinate water. 

American EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) warns that effects of chlorine in tap water are significantly increased during warm and hot showers. The heat causes chlorine to evaporate from the water and to be absorbed by our lungs and skin. Evaporated chlorine forms chloroform gas which was used in the past for anesthesia.

In addition, hot shower opens the pores in our skin, making the skin much more ready to absorb harmful chlorine. So, if you feel groggy after the shower, blame it on chlorine.

This harmful effect of chlorine to our health has been studied for a while and many studies confirmed that chlorine can weaken our immune system, affect central nervous system, and is particularly dangerous for the respiratory organs.

In order to requce the undesired effects of chlorinated water, we should take shorter showers and reduce the temperature of our showers or use a shower filter.

The advantages of using shower filters

Many homes use water filters attached to their kitchen taps to make sure that the drinking water is clean and free of any dangerous chemicals, including chlorine. This water filter is environmentally much better than bottled water, which produces huge amount of plastic bottles to choke landfills. Shower filters are just one more step towards protecting the health of your family.

Skin is our biggest organ. When we shower our skin with hot water loaded with chlorine, the entire surface of our skin is exposed to the harmful effects of thchilis chemical. It also gets into our eyes, nose, ears, where it irritates sensitive mucous membranes.

Shower water filters are easy to install and are an inexpensive way to protect ourselves and our families from chlorine. And we can look forward to much softer skin and shiny hair since natural protective oils is less stripped off from your hair and body.

Shower Filtered Water for InfantsInstalling shower water filter is particularly important if you have children. Their skin is much more sensitive to irritants and because of their small size, children can very quickly accumulate unhealthy dose of chlorine in their systems. People with asthma are also in particular danger of chlorinated water in showers, because of their heightened sensitivity to chemicals in the air.

Do your self and your family a favor. Install a shower water filter before your skin or hair start showing signs of irritation from chlorine in the water and avoid not only health problems but high medical bills as well.