The dispenser that is affixed with the sticker is protected by Hygiene Labs, a self-disinfecting anti-microbial coating is applied on high touch points with application date written.

Hygiene Labs 3-in-1 Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant Spray has been developed to safely kill 99.99% of germs and inhibit mould and mildew growth. This long-acting formula uses self assembling polymers to form a residual, active coating that is proven to be effective against a broad range of germs for extended periods of time – even following standard cleaning practices. It is safe to use in all areas of your home and workplace, such as kitchens, desks, kids playrooms and pet houses.

It provides up to 28 days protection. If you wish to have consistent protection and would like it to be applied on regular basis, the product is available here:
To request for a sample size, please contact us.

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antimicrobial coating1