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Water Filters | Singapore

Water filters

Browse from our range of water filters for residence & offices. They require no electricity, are well certified and delivers the quality you deserve. 

Water Filter Products Catalogue


Counter top water filtration systems are placed on a counter and connected to an existing kitchen sink faucet and the treated water is dispensed from spout. These water filters are easy to fix and can be done DIY with instructions and parts provided in package.


We offer a range of options for under counter water filtration systems that are connected to a cold water pipe under the sink. The filtered water is dispensed through a separate auxilary faucet that has to be mounted (by drilling a hole) next to the kitchen sink.


By elimination of chlorine and other chemicals from your shower with Paragon shower filters you will significantly reduce health risks that are caused by exposure to VOCs and THMs. Restores natural softness to skin, scalp and hair by removing harsh drying chemicals from water.

Water dispensers

Water dispensers require electricity. We offer direct pipe-in Hot & Cold water dispensers & some have just hot or cold only. Pipe-ins offer uninterupted water supply, delivers great quality water that you & co-workers & family deserves. No more water barrels storage, no more waiting for barrels to be delivered, no more back-breaking lifting of barrels. Green & Easy.

Water Dispensers Brochure 
Hyundai Wacortec Water Dispensers Catalogue 


Have not much space for floor standing water dispensers? Go for counter-tops water dispensers that sit near to your sink in kitchen or pantry.

Floor Standing

If you want more kitchen top space or pantry counter space, consider a floor standing water dispenser & free up the clutter!

Water coolers

Water Coolers are great for the open, such as along corridors of schools, canteens, construction sites, etc. They provide great tasting chilled cool water for hot weather relief. They come in wall mount & floor standing version and dispenses cold and hot/ cold water only. 

Air Purifiers

We offer Hyundai Wacortec & Botanicaire Air Purifiers for homes & offices.  

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