ASSURE Water Dispenser Rental / Leasing Programme for Office

Why Rent?

  • LOWER COST - Drink up, the more you drink, the lower the cost/litre!
  • NO INTERRUPTION - Direct Piped-in water dispensers offer UNINTERRUPTED supply of water supply, no more changing drums disruption and hassle, no more running out of water drums
  • NO BACKBREAKING - Yes, no backbreaking task of lifting water drums to change water bottles at dispensers
  • LOVE THE EARTH - Much reduced carbon footprint from transportation of drums
  • NO STORAGE OF BARRELS - Yes, every foot counts in the price of office rental, why pay the rent to let empty / full water drums sit. Clear the clutter and enjoy the space.
  • NO MORE MINDING MAINTENANCE - NO more minding on when to change filter, service water cooler / dispenser, no surprise expense on repair or breakdown because our ASSURE rental programme covers it all. Think of it as a subscription and focus on what you do best at work!

How it Works

  1. Choose a dispenser
  2. Make Payment for 
    - First month rental
    - $200 deposit
    - $20 processing fee
  3. We install dispenser for you & typically in 1 hour you can start enjoying premium filtered quality water

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